Day One: 10th December£º
Session One:
Talking to CEO - Retail Strategy Adjustment and Innovative Practice
Day Two:
11th December
Session two:
Information Technology Leads The Way
Session Three:
Collaborative Innovation And Consumer Behavior
in Retail Industry
Session Four:
Retail Supply Chain Management
Session Five:
Store Design
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Shanghai Retail Week 2013

Under the uncertainty in the macroeconomic context, the Chinese retailers are facing unprecedented pressure and challenge, which calls for retailers to change their business ideas, seek new business models, practice business innovation, and tap new growth point. For example, department stores begin to operate on their own, seeking changes of business mode; Supermarkets develop its own brand actively; Convenience stores extend services; Appliance specialty stores accelerate channels subsidence. That is how to achieve growth in the downward trend of the economy is the common problem for Chinese retailers.

In 2013, the policy environment and market environment that Chinese retailers are facing has changed dramatically, such as strengthened supervision, supplier-retailer conflicts, higher cost, and the widely-recognized online retail. Under the unpredictable business environment, retailers have to break the traditional business model, try the business innovation, or take diversified operation, extend supply chain and develop their own brands to respond to market changes and enhance profitability.

Shanghai Retail Week 2013
will share deep insights of retail innovation from various perspectives such as channel innovation, marketing innovation, product innovation, supply chain innovation and technology innovation etc. The Speakers from The Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce will give analysis of marco environment of Asia retail market and promotion policies while the senior officer from Walmart, Carrefour, Metro, Amazon, Tesco, Suning, Guomei, Jingdong, M&S, Coach and Starbucks, to name just a little will share their experience on retailing in Asia. Pacific Region

Hot Topics for 2013
  • New trend in Asian retail market
  • Are you online?: Making ecommerce the new revenue growth drive for traditional retailers
  • Anywhere, anytime shopping: retailers¡¯ integrated digital marketing strategy
  • Exploring new gold¡ªretailers¡¯ adventures in tier2 and tier 3 cities in China
  • Building Deep Supplier Relationships to Manage Market Volatility
  • Loss prevention.
  • Optimize distribution network to reduce supply chain cost and increase supply chain efficiency
  • How can loss prevention help to decrease the operation cost?
  • Retail in big data era: how to discover business value from massive data?
  • Green Retailer & Sustainable Development
  • Retail Strategy Adjustment and Innovative Practice
  • Post-Economic Crisis, How Do Retailers Survive?
  • Integration of Omni-Channel Retail
  • Brand Building of Retailers
  • Smart Retail
  • Market Segments, Bringing Differentiating New Profit Growth
  • Explore O2O retail business model
  • How to Enhance Consumers¡¯ Shopping Experience
  • Information Technology Leads The Way
  • Mobile Commerce Application in The Retail
  • Analysis of Retail Development in Emerging Markets analysis
  • The Integration of Online and Offline Business
  • The changing face of luxury: how luxury is adapting to the new realities
  • Retail Supply Chain
  • Store Design
Who Should Attend:
Designed for Retail industry leaders from...Chairman to...executives to...middle management across all functions from....IT to...Finance Merchandising and Replenishment to...Procurement Marketing to...Store Design Logistics and Warehousing to...Operations Loss Prevention to....Business Intelligence HR to...Corporate Communications eCommerce &/or Multi-Channel to...Tele-Presence From:
Department stores
Convenience Stores
Fashion, apparel and footwear
Destination Stores
Discount Department Stores
Grocery, Supermarket, Food & Liquor
Speciality Retailers

Plus those organisations which support and/or supply products & services to retailers:
IT and Systems
Private Equity
Payment Systems
Cards & Loyalty
Business Intelligence
Accounting, Advisory and recovery
Online and eBusiness
Retail consulting services
Marketing, advertising, promotion
in-store, digital signage
customer engagement, kiosks
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